Automatic Heated Oil Test Centrifuge with Short Tube Rotor Assembly, 115V 60Hz

제품번호 EW-17300-05
브랜드 Cole-Parmer
재고 수입발주품목 본사재고 확인
Fully automatic benchtop unit is designed expressly for petroleum testing applications. Automatic control of acceleration ramp, centrifugation speed, and timing funcitons . Doubly insulated to reduce heat loss and increase reproducibility . Sliding stainless steel lid with large clear top to view your samples . Group D, Class 1, Division 2 explosion-resistant rating. Accommodates conical, long, short, pear or finger tubes This oil test centrifuge is used for water and sediment determination and is fully automated. Use the integrated 4-1/2" touch screen control panel to set test duration, the RCF and rpm values, and choose your specific rotor assembly and its correspending glassware. You may set the unit to your desired speed. The operating speed will remain constant due to the voltage compensated circuitry in the event of voltage fluctuations. Molded PTFE cushions provide excellent chemical resistance, ease of positioning, and longevity of your unit. Quiet running unit features an elastic suspension of the drive motor for self-balancing operation. Unit is equipped with a safety lockout mechanism and automatic electronic braking system. View your samples while they are spinning from the clear 18-1/2" viewing window on the top of the lid. The lid allows easy access to the rotor and tube holders for easy cleaning.